Exceptional Training

Not all training is created equal.

One of the things that sets us apart from other Mac consulting firms is our passion for training.

When you work with us, you will not be taught by a systems engineer, rocket scientist or overly "techie" type, as would often be the case with other computer consultants. We won't talk to you in techno-babble and we will never, ever make you feel like any question you ask is "dumb."

We are 100% committed to providing friendly, positive, down-to-earth training, presented and customized in a way that you can easily understand, and at a style and pace that matches exactly what you need.

Yes – we are Mac experts that have been using Mac computers for over 20 years, and we regularly get compliments about the depth and breadth of our knowledge ...

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Client Testimonials

"You are a fantastic trainer. Not only do you explain things extremely well, you search out solutions to the tough questions. You are very tuned in to me. You have that something extra that makes our time together absolutely beneficial."

"You do such a good job of listening, instructing and just being in tune with me. I always learn so much and enjoy doing it."

"You are a master tutor. You are skilled and highly knowledgeable in conveying the information I am seeking."

"You are very well organized and present information in a logical way at my speed of understanding."

"You are always very professional. You do not make me feel like any question I ask is stupid and bring it to the level that I can understand …"

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On-Site Support

We provide a wide range of on-site support services for homes and businesses. These include:

Hardware and software setup, installation and upgrades including printers, hard drives and other peripherals

Memory, hard drive, display and router upgrades

Data transfers from Mac or PC computers and setup of new Mac computers

iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® and Apple TV® support

Wi-Fi network setup and troubleshooting, including wireless printing issues

Hard drive replacement, data recovery, operating system reinstallation and Fusion, Parallels or Boot Camp setup

Home theater and network-based music system design, setup and troubleshooting ...

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More Client Testimonials

"You are fantastic. Thank you for your expertise in the field of computer technology."

"You are a fount of information. You helped me through all the items I needed help with. You always seem calm and can handle whatever question I ask or need answers to."

"You are terrific — knowledgeable, intelligent, compassionate, and patient. You are the best!"

"No matter what I need help with, you can always figure it out. You are awesome!"

"I never could have gotten this from a book."

"You are very knowledgeable and truly excited about what you are showing and teaching me."

"You are especially good at explaining the processes and listening to my questions …"

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